What is a Good Circular Saw to Buy

What is a Good Circular Saw to Buy: Factors to Consider

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Carpenters, construction workers, and woodworkers, all look for the best circular saws for the same reasons. They need something that is portable, durable, is cross-cut, powerful and cuts items even if they are not made of wood. In order for you to know what is a good circular saw to buy, you must learn about the factors that you need to look for when shopping for one.

What are Circular Saws?

As the name implies, circular saws are products that have a rotating electric motor and blade in order to eliminate the back-and-forth motion done when using a handsaw. They are preferred by many because they are handy and portable. Also, they can rip- and cross-cut wood, carbon fiber, metal, plastic and more.

What is a Good Circular Saw to Buy: Preferred Features

The Blade

It is a fact that the blade is the main part of the circular saw that handles most of the job. It comes in different types based on its ability to cut through materials. Meaning, there is a blade intended for wood, masonry, and other materials. However, carbide-tipped blades can work on different materials because of its durability. Second to it is the high-speed steel blade.

Apart from the type of blade, when purchasing a circular saw, you should also identify the size of the blade. In general, the saw’s blade sizes range from four to seven inches, but you may also find one that has an eleven-inch blade. The diameter of the blade should match the thickness of the material being worked on. Meaning, the thicker the material, the bigger the blade size it requires.

The blade size can also be measured using horsepower. Better models of circular saws are the ones that have a higher level of horsepower.

Safety Features

Since circular saws are equipped with sharp blades, your safety and the people surrounding you is of great consideration. Models or brands that have a safety switch or lock are the best because you will not accidentally turn it on when it is not yet placed on the material to be cut.

A blade guard is also a common feature of some of the safest circular saws. From the name itself, it is the one that covers the blade that is in the direction of the user. Hence, even if you are using it, the blade that is on the surface being cut is the only one that is completely exposed. Also, some brands have incorporated an electric brake that can automatically halt the blade.

Adjustment Controls

Circular saws that have different adjustment controls will allow you to accomplish multiple projects. That is because you can tinker how deep that cut will be which is commonly from zero to three. Good circular saws also have adjustment controls for the bevel angle.

Energy Source

Technology has provided so much comfort for us that now we have battery-powered, cordless saws in the market. They make life easier as we can avoid the troubles that come along with cords. We can use cordless saws anywhere we like, and the availability of a power supply is not necessary.

However, the corded circular saws have more power; hence they have better speed. If you need to cut a lot of things and finish earlier, corded saws are better, but if you want convenience, then the cordless saws will be the best for you.

Type of Power Drive

There are two types of the drive—one is the worm drive, and the other is direct drive. The direct drive is basically one that directly attaches to and rotates the blade. It is easier to install, has a lighter weight, and good power level.

On the other hand, the worm-drive motor has a gear between the motor shaft and the blade. This allows better visual of the cut line and adds weight to the opposite end of the saw for balance. This one is specifically manufactured for professionals as it provides precision and quality.

Other Features

  • Locks – The blade, once it is worn out, has to be replaced now and then. If the shaft or spindle lock is present, it is much easier to perform this task.
  • Laser Guides – A beam light is shone onto the project area by the laser guides to provide accuracy. Clear views of the project area will improve the cutting process greatly.


Buying a good circular saw will not be hard if you understand all of the features that you need to keep an eye. Hence, when it comes to answering the question, “What is a good circular saw to buy?” it is better to carefully assess the product. Such will help you determine if the product will work best for your needs and projects.

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