What is a Circular Saw Used for

What is a Circular Saw Used for?

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Before you even get into doing home improvement projects by yourself, it is essential that you have all the necessary equipment and knowledge on how to use each of them effectively. One of the first things you will need before starting any home improvement project is a saw, and amongst the several, a popular one is a circular saw. But, do you know what is a circular saw used for? Well, in this article we will answer that question, and everything about circular saws.

It is essential that you do your homework when you are planning on buying a circular saw. This saw has not only different kinds of uses but also has different kinds too. Completely depending on what your projects require, you can choose which kind of circular saw fits your needs perfectly.

Before we even get into telling you what the uses of the circular saw are, it is imperative that you know what exactly a circular saw is, what are the kinds of it and some added information about it that will prove to be beneficial to you.

What is a Circular Saw Used for: Types, Uses, and Tips


There are two basic types of circular saws, the worm drive circular saw, and the inline or sidewinder circular saw.

The worm drive saw basically uses a worm gear which transfers the power to the blade from the motor. This process is responsible for increasing the torque power that’s put on the blade which ultimately results in you having more power to cut. These cut through almost every material, however, they are a tad bit heavier.

The inline/sidewinder saw is more commonly used and popular. This is recommended for people who need saws for basic use as it provides a basic cutting function and is also lightweight. Additionally, they are cheaper than their counterpart and are capable of lasting for years.


People tend to view a circular saw as something that they need to have in their toolkit. It is very versatile and can be used for several projects that involve cutting work or have the need for a hand saw. A circular saw is capable of cutting through numerous materials like sheetrock, small pieces of trim, plywood and also framing materials.

However, these are not the only materials this can cut through. It can also be used for materials like masonry material or plastic. All you will need to do for this is change the blade.

A circular saw is a great add-on to your do it yourself equipment list. This saw will help you in numerous projects, be it whether you need to frame a new room or make additions, or if you need to cut some sheetrock for your walls, or even if you need to panel your den, the circular saw is ideal for all of these kinds of projects.

Additionally, a circular saw is easy to maintain, and comes in either a corded or a cordless kind. The corded kind is ideal if you need to do some heavy duty jobs at home or need to use a saw on a consistent basis. However, if the need for a circular saw is basic and its use it just going to be once in a fortnight or month, then we highly recommend the cordless saw.

Cordless saws offer great convenience and are quite light in weight. It provides easy maneuverability and can be stored away conveniently too.

Anyone of these two you choose will be highly beneficial and constant maintenance will ensure that the saw will last you for several years.


Since there are several kinds of saws, be it inline or worm drive and corded or cordless, it is necessary that you know what your project entails. Depending on that only should you settle on any of them. There is no point in spending a ton of money on a high-end saw if it serves no right purpose.

Also, choose a saw that has great ergonomics and allows you to change the blades quickly. Also, always settle for ball bearing motors rather than brush motors. They provide less friction, are quieter and have a longer shelf life.

It is imperative to remember that with any kind of home improvement project, you must wear safety gears like gloves, eye gear, etc.


We hope this answers your question what is a circular saw used for. As you can see, it can have several uses and is a great addition to your toolkit. However, you must do the necessary research before you buy one so that you spend your money on the right circular saw.

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